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PRICE LOWERED! Stroker McGurk "Hot Rodder's Buddy" Tee

$18.00 / On Sale

Just like Stroker McGurk would have tweaked and tweaked his roadster until he got it “just right,” StrokerbyMedley has introduced a new-and-improved Stroker McGurk T-shirt — The Hot Rodder’s Buddy — with a kool faded design, smaller pocket logo on the front and larger design on the back.

As Tom Medley himself surely would have said, “bitchin’!”

The design is based on a decal that was included in the three Stroker McGurk plastic model kits sold in the mid-1960s, including the "Surf Rod," also available on StrokerbyMedley. And, a Hot Rodder’s Buddy decal is included in each kit.

Available in sizes M-L-XL-XXL