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NEW! Uber-kool Stroker Hats


We didn't want to do just any hat. No, we wanted to create something special, something that captured the essence of Tom Medley and his beloved hot rod hero, Stroker McGurk.

So, StrokerbyMedley collaborated with Blowfish Designs in Hood River, Oregon, to craft a unique hat that featrues Stroker's most famous cartoon -- "Short Course" -- which introduced the world of speed to the advantages of using a parachute to slow down a race car. Of course, Stroker hadn't quite perfected the technology and suffered an less-than-optimum, if humorous, result.

The hats also feature the "STROKER" type font, created by Medley himself. The lids are not a simple embroidery or silkscreen. Rather, the cartoon was custom printed on fabric, then trimmed and hand-stitched onto the hat. Adding the Stroker patch was yet another step.

Let's just say the hot rod world hasn't seen a hat quite like this!

One-size fits all, thanks to mesh, snapback design.