Stroker Comic Book & Tee -- ON SALE!

$38.00 - $42.00 / On Sale

Save $7 when you purchase this Comic Combo -- a copy of The Amazing Adventures of Stroker McGurk and the Comic Cover T-shirt.

The Amazing Adventures of Stroker McGurk showcases more than 70 Stroker cartoons -- spread across 56 pages -- from the first mention of "McGurk" in the March 1948 issue of Hot Rod to his final strips in 1965.

Included are all the gags and innovations that sprung from Medley's fertile, if wacky, mind -- the first bubble-top roadster, multi-engine lakes racers, a nitro-powered lawn mower, and, of course, the first-ever race car slowed by a parachute (with unforeseen and humorous results).

And the T-shirt? When we published the comic we realized the cover art was special, so special it deserved a t-shirt celebrating the comic's success.

The shirt is available in Black or White and is printed on high-quality 100 percent cotton fabric. Sizes: M-L-XL-2XL-3XL-4XL. 3XL and 4XLare an additional $2.50.

Ordered separately, the shirt goes for $29.95; the comic for $14.95. That's a few pennies over $45. The comic-combo? Only $38. Quite a deal!